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My Bouchercon Experience. How Did it Go?

It was phenomenal.

Met and spoke with so many incredible authors. Got to hang out with my amazing agent, Barbara Poelle. Here is a picture of me, Barbara, and the great writer Sophie Littlefield the night of her nomination for the Macavity award:


I made friends with the Sheraton hotel bartender, a very spiritual man, and we bonded over the fact that we both have the Tree of Life tattooed on our arms. That led to many incredible discussions about numerology, the flower of life, and the intersection of lives.

(As a side note: I don’t want to seem to hedonistic, however, I have to say that the hotel bar ended up being my hangout. It was a blast.)

The panel I was on Friday morning, “The Appeal of the Hardboiled Novel” went well. I’m still so nervous when doing these kinds of things. And to be up on stage with writers such as Matt Coyle and Steve Hamilton only added to the nervousness.

But Bouchercon is a GREAT experience for fans of mysteries as it is for those who write them. I couldn’t recommend this convention more.

And no, I didn’t win the Shamus award, however, it was really an honor to have been nominated along with so many writers I’ve admired. I know people say stuff like that all the time when they don’t win an award, but you know? Now I know why they do.

It’s true.

I have to say though, that getting to Raleigh on the red eye from Oakland, with a layover at JFK was a terrible decision on my part, as was on our return flight, having to get up at 2:30AM so we could be ready to get our shuttle van at 4AM to get us to the airport for our 6AM flight. This wouldn’t have been so bad, had we not still been jet lagged from arriving. We each got about three hours of very interrupted sleep that night. By the time I got on the Raleigh plane that would take us to JFK for our connecting flight, I was delirious. The three day hangover didn’t help, naturally.

As an added special surprise, VW Tapes taped the panel I was on.

“Audio used courtesy of Bouchercon Writer Conference
And VW TAPES Recording. To Buy full sessions
click here

See you soon.


My Bouchercon Panel.

Panel alert for Bouchercon! I’ll be on the “The Appeal of the ‘Hardboiled’ Mystery” panel at 10AM, Friday, October 9th. I’ll be there with some really great writers (Rick Mofina, Philip Reed, and Matt Coyle), and the moderator will be Steve Hamilton. Come on by, as it’s sure to be a great time.

Next month, man. Hope to see you there. Raleigh, North Carolina.

Critical Damage is Short Listed for a Shamus Award.


The Private Eye Writers of America hand out The Shamus Award every year at Bouchercon. This year, Critical Damage has made it to the final five entries in the “Best Original Paperback P.I. Novel” category. (see here for a complete list of all the finalists). The winner will be announced in October at an awards dinner during Bouchercon 2015 in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Shamus Award is handed out to recognize outstanding achievement in private eye fiction. I have to be honest here and say that I am both stunned and amazed and incredibly happy by this nomination. And this is also incredible for another reason, as Critical Damage was a very cathartic novel for me, written during a very painful period of my life. It’s the Mallen novel that is closest to my heart.

Trust me, I’ll keep you posted. If you happen to be going to Bouchercon this year, please let me know. The hotel naturally has a bar, and that’s where you will find me.

Except of course, Friday night.



Pics of My Innocent Damage Launch Party.

It was a wonderful night, spent with very dear friends. Here’s just a few pics. It was a great launch, and I’m sure Mallen would’ve enjoyed it.

Oh, and I was on the radio. Suspense Magazine’s radio station. Hope you like that, too. 🙂

Have a good one.








Well, Innocent Damage is here!


Out into the world it goes to whatever fate has decreed for it. Of course you can find Innocent Damage at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Looking forward to what people have to say about it.

I’ve been writing blog posts for a very awesome blog hub entitled Campaign for the American Reader.

The first blog post is called “The Page 69 Test”, and you can read all about that means. the post that came out today is “What is the Writer Reading?”

Even more news to come.

See ya.



So Much Catch Up!

Well, here we go… the thing that writers always look forward to: author copies.

The third Mark Mallen novel is here, Innocent Damage.


And with their arrival, the journey begins again. Things are ramping up pretty fast:

-I’ve been featured in a very cool blog hub that leads to other very cool blogs. I seriously advise you to put these blogs in your bookmarks. You can’t go wrong.

-In June, I’ll be signing books at the American Library Association conference in San Francisco. Probably June 28th, at the Midnight Ink booth. More to come on that. When I know for sure, I’ll post it here.

-I did a short essay in the April Midnight Ink email publicity update. It’s all about what inspired me to write Mark Mallen (I can’t link to it directly, so here it is):

I was asked the other day what inspired me to write Mark Mallen. I can draw that inspiration all the way back to my mid-twenties when I discovered the pulp detective novels of Frank Kane, Henry Kane, Mickey Spillane and many others. Those author’s detectives were men who, even if it meant great sacrifice, would do whatever they had to do to solve a case. Those books were the ingredients that helped me to shape a detective that would harken back to that time, a detective that would be, as Raymond Chandler wrote in his legendary essay, “The Simple Art of Murder”: He must be a complete man and to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor—by instinct, by inevitability, without a thought of it, and certainly without saying it.”

I wanted Mallen to fit that description, a character possessing a strong sense of honor and morality. Mallen is my white knight walking the dark streets, a part of his environment but yet still apart, a quality that enables him to make those hard, moral choices. He’s a character that will stick to his guns, no matter how hard the situation. This man, this detective, will always follow his moral compass, providing an example for others of how difficult it can be to do so.

But beyond that, I was inspired to create a character that I could admire for his integrity, his strength of will and his toughness.

And that character turned out to be Mark Mallen.

* * * * *

That’s it for now, but I will be back as there is a lot of other news brewing.





Back From the Dead (One More Time).

Finally finished this first draft, and this one nearly killed my liver. It’s a mess of a book, but just about all first drafts are messes. They’re supposed to be. The book is made in the editing phase. Now I go (after a couple days of rest) and break it down by chapter, tracking what happens where, what characters fall out of the book, etc…

… the fun part.

It’s a friggin’ joy to show you this, as it reinforces in my mind that the first draft is actually, finally done:


And in other news, that Suspense Magazine radio interview is quickly approaching, mid-April. April 18th, I believe.

I’ve also been invited to blog here, which is like a hub for a couple other awesome blogs. This will also happen in April.

And in other exciting news, I’ll have a blog post on a new crime fiction fan site. I can’t tell you which one yet, as it hasn’t gone live, but will in April. This post will show up in early May.

Also in May, May 5th actually, I’ll be giving a reading of Innocent Damage at the new Books, Inc. in Berkeley. On upper Shattuck, just a few doors up from Saul’s restaurant. (They’re moving from their old spot on 4th street in April)

And of course, Innocent Damage is only three weeks away.

See ya.