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For the Next Two Days, the E-Version of LOST WINGS is only .99 cents!

Yup. If you want an Urban Fantasy (I am writing under a pen name for this series) to curl up by the fire and read on those cold, winter nights, NOW is the time to act!

You can find it here, on Free Kindle Books.

To refresh your memory as to what the book is about:

“Richard Eastman wasn’t looking for redemption. He was content drowning his memories of the Gulf War, his dead brother, and a father whose love had always seemed unattainable. But when an angel whose wings have been sawn off arrives in his life, “Captain Eastman” makes a decision:

Save the angel and return her wings or die trying.

In search of the wingless angel, Eastman battles demonic henchmen on the streets of San Francisco, venturing down to the deepest levels of Hell, all the way to Lucifer’s throne. For Captain Richard Eastman, the only way home is death or victory; the only way to redemption is to help his angel and retrieve her missing wings.”

And once you’ve bought it and read it, please let me know what your thoughts are on it by giving it a review. That would be deeply appreciated.



Well, Innocent Damage is here!


Out into the world it goes to whatever fate has decreed for it. Of course you can find Innocent Damage at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Looking forward to what people have to say about it.

I’ve been writing blog posts for a very awesome blog hub entitled Campaign for the American Reader.

The first blog post is called “The Page 69 Test”, and you can read all about that means. the post that came out today is “What is the Writer Reading?”

Even more news to come.

See ya.



And Here it is…

The second Mark Mallen novel, CRITICAL DAMAGE, has arrived after a VERY tumultuous year.

Critical Damagesml

Here’s what Library Journal has to say about the second Mark Mallen novel: “Lewis’s second entry in his gritty, no-holds-barred series (after Untold Damage) portrays the darker side of San Francisco and features a struggling hero still finding his way. Not for the faint of heart, this chilling tale of sexual depravity is perfect for conspiracy aficionados.”

So, get your copy now! You can find it at your local bookstore, or barring that, at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to review it. And again, thank you all for your undying support over the last couple years. SO very appreciated.




A Compendium of my Criminal Element Posts.

I’m finally working on another Criminal Element post. I love Criminal Element. It’s the best place for fans of crime fiction and mysteries. All tastes of mysteries: cozy, noir, medical, movie mysteries, TV mystery shows… anything and everything mystery.

I have a lot of fun… no, I have A BLAST, writing posts for them. They’ve even come out with their first short story collection, The Malfeasance Occasional: Girl Trouble. This is the first and hopefully not the last of their themed short story collections, written by the contributors to their site.

On this occasion, I thought I would corral all the posts I’ve done for them, up to this point. I like to think I’ve contributed in a positive manner. You be the judge…

You can find me here, and here.


Hope you enjoy, and check out that short story collection, The Malfeasance Occasional!



My Blog Tour is Now Over. Great Results!

My blog book tour for UNTOLD DAMAGE, worked out for me by TLC Book Tours is finished. And let me again add here I could NOT recommend TLC highly enough. If you need to
promote your novel, these people are GOLD, trust me.

Here’s where the book was reviewed:

  1. Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile
  2. Crime Fiction Lover
  3. Booksie’s Blog
  4. Tales of a Book Addict

I’ll update this list as I go. (UPDATED 5/1/13)

All the reviews are VERY good, very strong. The really happy part is the Mallen is resonating with people. They’re rooting for him. A protagonist that people root for bodes very
well for the future of a series.

Check the reviews out, and please leave a comment on these blogs if you can. I know that both I and the bloggers would appreciate it.


See ya,


My First Book Review.

You can find it over on Criminal Element!

book cover

The Devil Doesn’t Want Me is a humorous noir novella by Eric Beetner, recent recipient of the Stalker Award for Most Criminally Underrated Author (available October 23, 2012).

I’ve never done one of these Fresh Meat things before, and was a bit nervous about it. I mean, giving my opinion when it’s asked for is something new to me. I’m fine when it’s NOT asked for… in fact, I’m in a whole ’nother realm when I give unasked for advice. But after reading Eric Beetner’s new novella, The Devil Doesn’t Want Me, I was certainly glad I got the opportunity. Why?”

For the rest of the review, go here.