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Update, you say?

Well, a pretty small one, I guess. However, I wanted to share the below photo of where I am with this current book. The theme of the book is not new, however, for me it’s incredibly cathartic: Death and dying, grief and grieving.

And of course, since I write mysteries, there’s a murder. A few of ’em, actually.

I’m still at it, just keeping my head below the bush-line for now, but still working hard. This one is going to be good, and I’m very excited about it. I’m finally learning an entirely new way to go about writing a book.

So, I just wanted to peek over the bush-line for a moment, to scan around and see how everyone was doing.

And I hope, especially with all The Crazy going on in the world right now, everyone is making their way as best they can.

I leave you with a photo of what my brain looks like at the moment:


Wait. I also want to leave you with a John Watson quote, a quote I feel is incredibly apt given the days we seem to find ourselves living in:

“Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


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