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My Bouchercon 2014 Experience

Just had to update ya’ll on my trip to Bouchercon down in Long Beach! Almost went to the hospital very early that morning (like 2am) with some sort of back problem that had me crawling around on the floor like a dog, hyperventilating like a sick calf, but it went away in time to shoo off the paramedics and get a couple hours sleep.

Other than that? It was awesome.

Bouchercon rocks. Seriously rocks. The panel I was on, The Different Shades of Noir, was standing room only. I was pretty much delirious by that time, having been up for like fourteen hours, which at my age is like twenty-four. It went VERY well, thanks to the other participants, like Chris Holm and Jon Bassoff, (both writers you should get to know) and the great moderator, Chantelle Aimée Osman.

The other panels were fantastic, and I met a shitload of interesting and amazing people. Even received an offer to teach a class at some sort of writer’s retreat in the southwest. Nice offer, will see if it happens.

I of course made friends with the head bartender, natch, and reaped many rewards.

Oh, and a LOT of room service. Hell, I felt that if I was going to do this, then I was going to go all out.

Just a wonderful time. Also, we had a 15th floor room with an incredible view of the Queen Mary and the harbor. I’m still whacked-out tired, but haven’t had that much fun since Thrillerfest. SUCH a great experience. To spend that much time with other writers and fans? Incredible.

Would recommend this convention to anyone.

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