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My Latest Post over Criminal Element is LIVE!

All about the greatness that was The Mod Squad:




Yeah, you got it. The Mod Squad (1968-1972).

Now, I have to put out a disclaimer here: I was only a wee tike of a wino when the show arrived. All my love for the show, and my reverence, comes from watching it in repeats. When I first watched the show as a young, pubescent wino it was all about Julie, played by Peggy Lipton.

I interviewed a friend of mine, one well versed in the show. This is what she had to say:

ME: So, what do you feel was the best part of the show?

HER: Linc.

ME: Do you have any favorite episodes?

HER: Yes. The ones with Linc in them.

ME: But he’s in all of them, isn’t he?

HER: And your point is?

ME: So, if Linc were a stamp, you’d lick him?

HER: Damn straight.

Check out the rest here.





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