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So, How Did my SECOND Reading Go?

Again, it was fantastic!

Another full house. They had to pull out all the chairs they had. The events person at the Berkeley Books Inc., Anna Fonte, was simply amazing. So nice and helpful. I read the same sections of the book, and also read from Raymond Chandler’s essay, The Simple Art of Murder. I changed up most of my banter. Even had a couple actual strangers show up, so maybe word is spreading. A huge THANKS to all my friends who’ve really represented by coming out in droves to hear me speak and sign their books. Both of these readings went WAY beyond my wildest dreams for success. I was so worried about people showing up, and I ended up with two full houses. This has been an f’n GREAT experience, and a great introduction into the world of author signings.

So, there ya go.

I might, MIGHT have one more signing. Not sure. I’ll certainly let you know.


One response

  1. Yes please Mr. Lewis have another signing! Tis I Lawrence, the sender of your first apparent fan mail, lol. Anywayz, I really enjoyed the San Francisco reading, but unfortunately did not have time to hang around after to have my copy signed, etc. I thought for sure i’d make it to Berkeley and remedy the situation, but duty called. So, a 3rd reading would be perfection or i suppose i’ll just wait for the sequel? It seems so far away though, but whatever u decide i really enjoyed the Marina stop and would for sure go again anywhere in the bay area!

    06/13/2013 at 4:50 pm

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