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With Your Help… I WON the Contest, and Other Great News! (Plus a Little Note on Writer Platforms)

Thanks to everyone who voted for me. You really rock.

Here are the results:
poll results

So, now I’ve got a nice set of book launch stuff going on for Untold Damage.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I’ll be in the March/April edition of Writer’s Digest? Yup, it’s true! I’ll be in the “Debut Authors” feature for that issue. I will also
be doing a blog column and book giveaway for Chuck Sambuchino’s great site, Guide to Literary Agents, that will run concurrently with the Writer’s Digest feature.

There will also be a couple other things, but I’m going to keep those to myself for now, and spring them on you when I get closer to my pub date. Mark your new calendars for next year, 04/08/12.

However, this brings up an important point. One of the most important reasons I won this contest was due to the building my writer’s platform. It’s not huge, yet, but I’m hoping to increase it.

When I first signed with my agent, Barbara Poelle, and she told me to start blogging, I was already hanging out on some writing forums. Now, I ALWAYS believe in “paying it forward”, helping as much as I can my fellow writers. Being there with support and/or advice (if asked for), being considerate and not an asshole, and just being a generally nice guy helped me to connect with people (and this goes for life in general, too, imo). If you help them, they’ll most probably help you. I was able to mobilize a small army of wonderful people, and I really owe them a great debt I’m more than happy to pay off. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, writing forums; they all help in varying degrees. Don’t overlook as you most forward on your writing journey the importance of building your writer’s platform.

See ya!

a small army of writers and friends

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