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Writing Really CAN Save Your Life.

Crazy, but it’s true.

Yeah, I know… you’re probably sitting there, saying to yourself, “Well, duh, Robert.”

I’m sorry, but I just really never really believed it. Not down in my bones, you know? I was usually giving a big “roll eyes” whenever somebody told me that. Police save lives, man. Firemen save lives. Doctors, too, right?

But now? After these last few weeks?

Yeah, I believe.

After my mother’s death, writing turned into a lifeline I desperately held onto as I was tossed about the ocean of my stormy emotions. A page a day, even half a page, was something firm and familiar that I could clutch in the darkness.

It was the needle, pointing north.

I’m working now on a short story. I WAS going to begin work on the next Mallen book, but that felt sorta too daunting at the moment. I needed something I could more easily wrap my head around. And it’s working. I actually did four and a half pages yesterday. Did almost four today. For a first draft, it’s… well, pretty shitty. But that’s okay, because that’s what first drafts are supposed to be: shitty.

But again, it’s not necessarily what I’m writing that’s of paramount importance here. It’s that I’m writing. That writing was there for me when I really needed it, waiting patiently, its hand held out to me.

Without writing, where would I be right now? Not even four weeks after my mother’s death? I’m not really sure I have the answer to that, actually. I DO, however, know that I would be in a much darker, more sad, place. I would be COMPLETELY lost, probably lying on the floor of my office, staring at nothing.

So yes: writing saved my life.

I couldn’t leave without sharing a new crime fiction fan site with you. Mrs. Lewis hipped me to it after stumbling across it in her cyber travels. It’s called Crime Fiction Lover, and it’s very awesome. Hope you enjoy it!

Oh yeah: I’m only waiting for the official “OK” before I can post something VERY, VERY cool. It’s the very cool thing I mentioned at the end of the previous post. I hate to be such a tease about it, trust me.

Well, okay… maybe not.

Maybe I love to be a tease. 🙂

See ya.


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