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My Latest Over at Criminal Element.

Sorry I don’t have more to blog about right now, but it’s just been a little crazy back here at the ranch. I signed my book contract last week, so YAYAYAY to that, right? Things are ramping up, and that’s all exciting and stuff. Finishing up the manuscript that will become Untold Damage, if that title makes it through the entire process. Actually, I’ll know the answer to that very soon, and when I know, you’ll know, trust me.

Can you tell I’m a bit… um, well… excited? It’s starting to feel real. Yikes! There’s SO much work do now, but as I’ve said before, these are all good problems to have, right? 🙂

Anyway, here is my latest over at Criminal Element, the best crime fiction fan site on the planet…

Who are the Go-To Bad Guys of Crime Fiction?

There was I was, sitting in my latest favorite bar in the city, Held Up in Traffic, when the door opened and in walked a Russian secret agent, an old mobster, and a Nazi zombie.

Yeah, I know. Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke. Work with me here, yeah?

I looked at them, then back at my drink. What the hell had the ’tender put in my glass? I blinked. Nope. They were still there. Blinked again.

No go.

This was real.

Um… really, really, real?


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