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I Thought I’d Start Linking to My Posts on Criminal Element

In my effort to get the great Criminal Element site (and me, I have to admit) as much publicity as possible, I figured it would be good to start posting a “teaser” of my latest post over there, over here. Hope this doesn’t make everyone super ill, or anything.

Here it is. The post just went live this morning:

You Gonna Drink That? The Class System Colors of Booze

So there I sat, at the stick in my latest hangout, The End of Times, having another Scotch on the rocks. The guy on the stool next to mine reminded me of Orson Wells during his “We will sell no wine before its time” Paul Masson phase. For some reason, this guy kept looking over at my drink and snickering. After he did it about five times, I turned to him and said, “Something funny, Orson?”

He didn’t get the reference, only smirked at my drink again. It was then that I noticed he was drinking something clear, with no rocks. “What’s that,” I inquired, nodding at his glass. “Everclear?”
(Pick your poison…)

Oh, and on another note: I GOT MY BOOK CONTRACT TODAY!!! I can’t wait to sign it and send it off to Midnight Ink. A very surreal moment in my life, I can tell you. I think this is the FIRST time that it really sunk in, felt real. My agent, the wonderful Barbara Poelle, did a great job on negotiating this contract for me. I’m so damn lucky to have her in my corner, giving me Vodka between rounds.

Have a great weekend.


7 responses

  1. Jean Oram

    Not too much vodka before you sign the contract though–you want to make sure your signature is legible. 😉

    Congratulations. Another wonderful milestone made! Wahoo! (And the teaser didn’t make me too ill. Just a little. Ha! Kidding. It’s a good idea–and having other news with it too.)

    03/23/2012 at 11:16 pm

  2. Thanks, Jeano. I’m still weirded out by the whole self-promo thing, lol. 🙂 I often wonder if I’ll ever get a real handle on it all, and it’s only the beginning of the ride!

    03/24/2012 at 12:52 am

  3. joeynga

    Yes I second Jean’s suggestion in that you only have a max of 2 adult beverages before happily autographing the contract!

    No physical ailments from the teaser either. It’s funny but as a little girl, I remember that commercial with Orson. I never knew who the guy was until I was much older, just thought it was some weird old dude w/a beard.

    Maybe it wasn’t Orson, but possibly could it have been the dad of the Dos Equis guy?

    Congratulations again Robert!

    03/24/2012 at 1:12 am

    • Thanks, Joey! I appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

      And lol @ the Orson/Dos Equis guy. Separated at birth?

      /cue Twilight Zone music…

      03/24/2012 at 3:59 am

  4. Hope you got a picture of you signing that contract! What an awesome moment!! Congratulations 🙂

    03/24/2012 at 12:49 pm

  5. Thanks, Jemi! No picture, but I’ve had a sculpture done instead. 😉

    03/24/2012 at 6:15 pm

  6. lawrence aguiar

    Spot on with the “class colors of booze” piece! My friends and I have been debating that for years. Always with the exception of 007 though? Although, he’s not really a detective and lets not forget another argument could be made for sleeping arrangements (ie. Quantum of Solace – a better cover was teachers winning the lottery than staying in a s***bag posada 😉

    05/15/2013 at 12:48 am

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