The Blog of Author Robert K. Lewis

The Down Time.

No, not meaning I’m down or depressed. The down time I mean here is the time between projects. I turned in my book to my agent about five weeks ago and my little baby is being read by editors. I haven’t written much these last weeks, except to turn in some blog posts for a couple other places I’m blogging, and have mentioned before. (here, and here) And, you know, I have to say it’s been VERY nice to have the break. See, I really believe the adage that “writers write”, and so I’ve been working six days a week on my writing for the last few years or so. That’s a lot of writing.

I’ve had virtually NO down time, until now. So, naturally, I’ve been playing gobs and gobs of guitar (had one mammoth, four-hour session last Saturday. I’VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!!!). Learning a TON of B.B. King licks. Working on my Albert King licks. Even bought yet one more guitar (NEVER drunk dial a guitar on ebay, lol!) I got one of these:

However, I figured out something else to do while I wait to hear back. I’m going to do NANOWRIMO, lol. The Mrs. has wanted to try it, too, which only adds to the fun. So, I’m going to write a novel in a month, which should be an f’n blast as I’m also writing in a different genre, some sort of dystopian/post apocalyptic thing. I’m also going to write a female protag, which is very different from what I usually do.

So, if you love writing as much as I do, then get yourself over to NANOWRIMO. I’ve done it once before, and it’s really a blast.

See ya.


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