The Blog of Author Robert K. Lewis

Sharing My Bookmarks.

Thought I’d take a moment to share some of my favorite places on the net. Not necessarily writing-related, but places I like to keep tabs on, etc.

Hope you enjoy!

Oh, yeah… you might be wanting an update on my latest manuscript. Agent Lady is going out with it, I believe this coming week or the next. VERY exciting and nerve-wracking. You pour so much of yourself into writing a book, and you hope for success… but sometimes the planets just don’t align. That’s not going to happen HERE, though, as I totally believe in this book I wrote. Just like I knew I’d written the book that would land me an agent, I know I’ve now written a book that will get me a deal with an awesome house and editor.

Okay! On to the bookmarks!

For those of you who, as do I, believe The Zep still are the greatest band of all time.
Play guitar? Here’s a great tab site.
Tired of the limitations of writing in Word? Try Scrivener! It totally rocks my writing world.
Hungry for guitar backing tracks to dump into Garageband like I do? Try here.
Want to learn how to make an origami crane? It’s very Zen.
Looking for some Killer Reads? I know I usually am.
I’m turning into an old Jew who tells jokes. I get all of them here. It’s hysterical there, and good for a thousand laughs.
I once made my own electric guitar.
Because I know you love playing Cribbage as much as I do, here are the rules.
I blog here once in awhile, and it’s a great resource for writers, put together by a wonderful group of people that I’m proud to be associated with.
Curious and wonderful odd places, from all parts of the world. The Atlas Obscura.

See ya soon.


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