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My Latest Post is Up Over at Criminal Element.

You can find it here.

It talks about Ryan Jahn’s awesome thriller, “Good Neighbors”, but also about “Bystander Syndrome”. That’s where the great amount of witnesses to a crime there are, the lower the chance anyone will do anything. Yeah, I know… scary, right?

Anyway, it’s over there. I’d love to get your take on the question I ask at the end: how well do you think you would react, if you find yourself witnessing a violent crime.

See ya!


One response

  1. lawrence aguiar

    I recall studying this in college and having the same nervous feeling you describe of your fellow neighbors. Not to far removed from college I was given the unfortunate opportunity to find out exactly how i would react. Well, much less suave and controlled, than you and I had imagined, but i did get the job done adequately and received a complimet from a fireman. Interesting syndrome though I couldn’t agree more

    05/14/2013 at 7:19 pm

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