The Blog of Author Robert K. Lewis

Finally… my new digs… AND BOOK.

Ha! Thought I forgot about the blog, yeah?

Well, I didn’t. I’ve been holding back, as I’m waiting for the go-ahead on relating to you a nice, small bit-o-news. The date to tell you was, sadly, pushed back a little. However, I should be able to post about it next week.

Hope so, anyway. It’s certainly good news, and that’s a fact.

In the meanwhile, here’s a photo of my NEW office. Yeah, I have my own office (again), which totally rocks, for a reason you’ll see after this photo:

If you comb back to the other photos of the last two places I’ve lived, I seem to ALWAYS set up this space the same. It’s like how the Rolling Stones were the first band to carry their stage around with them, and have it set up the same, every gig. The familiarity really helps with being able to relax into a groove. Works my Cancerian heart, that’s for sure.

But the cool thing? About having my own space again? Is that I can do this:

That’s my latest, just after the most recent draft. Still lots of work to do, but with it all spread out this way on the floor, I can get a really good overview, using the cover sheets I make for each chapter. Color coding the major characters helps me to see where and when they’re on stage, etc. Also makes it WAY easier to switch chapters around and track what impact that will have.

And hell, it’s just fun to see the damn monster all splayed out on the floor like that. Gives it a sense of reality that it may not otherwise have. To me, anyway.

I should be back very soon with that news.

Hopefully next week.

Until then, KEEP WRITING!


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