The Blog of Author Robert K. Lewis

Back Again.

Ouch. That move… that one was harder than the LAST hard one! I guess that’s they way it’s going to be from now on.

Anyway, I’m getting the new place all set up. I’ll post photos soon.

Now, down to business…

You really need to read this interview with Jim Thompson, author of Merchants of Culture: The Publishing Business in the Twenty-First Century. It’s a fascinating, and eye-opening, interview on the state of the publishing world, how it arrived at today’s business model, and what might be in store down the pike.

And if you don’t subscribe to Poets and Writers, please give it shot. I love that magazine. Always leaves me pumped up after reading it, and sometimes wishing I’d been a Rimbaud, not a guy who writes about drug dealers, hookers, and guns.

Here’s another great place to go for news and information for writers. Seems obvious, sure, however you’d be surprised how often the obvious escapes us, yeah?

Guess what I’m driving at is that as writers who want to get our work published, we have to remain on top of what’s happening in the publishing world. It’s changing incredibly fast, people, and falling behind the curve is really putting yourself behind the 8 ball. (Ouch, yeah? I just used TWO metaphors in the same sentence. Okay, this round is on me. I deserve it!)

See ya soon.


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