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The Irene Goodman Critique Auctions for Charity Marathon Starts Dec. 1!

It’s my pleasure to use this space to tell you about some really awesome writing critique auctions, going live on Ebay starting December 1. ALL proceeds go to some incredibly wonderful charities: Deafness Research Foundation, Hope for Vision, and Foundation Fighting Blindness.

First, let me tantalize you with what some people who have won a critique had to say about their experience:

“The way you deliver feedback is truly amazing. It was honest, tactful, and insightful. You really packed a lot into your critique. It was an invaluable experience.”

“Your review far exceeded my expectations.”

“A rare peek into the thoughts of an accomplished agent.”

“Definitely great feedback, and she actually passed the partial on to one of her other agents, who ended up asking for the full manuscript.”

There’s going to be a marathon of FIFTEEN auctions, guys. That’s FIFTEEN chances to win a critique of your partial manuscript, from a truly wonderful agent (and yes, I’m partial to the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, as I’m extremely fortunate to be repped by them). AND it’s ALL for charity! Truly a “win/win” situation! Here’s the link to the page that explains it all.

What I had forgotten is that Irene Goodman has been doing these critiques every month, but never in such a large number as this marathon of fifteen. This is your chance, people!

This is what Irene herself has to say about it:

“This is such a great experience. I get to raise money for the causes about which I am deeply passionate (I mean, come on, it’s my child we’re talking about here) and I also get to put all the insider, weird, useful, crazy stuff I’ve learned over the decades to good use for up and coming authors. It’s totally win-win.”

From the site:

Q: What do you mean by a “partial”?
A: I mean the first three chapters—roughly 50 double-spaced pages, plus a synopsis of 3-10 double-spaced pages.

Q: Why these causes?
A: Hope for Vision and Deafness Research Foundation are of crucial importance to me because my son Rob, 23, has Usher Syndrome. That’s a genetic condition that causes progressive loss of both vision and hearing. The research in this area is tremendous and there is great hope on the horizon. We can expect that there will be an effective treatment for blindness in his lifetime. Scientists at Stanford predict they will restore hearing to mice in ten years.

But when you are 23 and you are losing your sight and your hearing, you want the cure to happen NOW. All this costs a lot of money, and that’s where your dollars will be spent.


So, mark your calendars and get ready to BID, BID, BID! Get an honest and thoughtful critique of your partial manuscript from one of the leading agents out there, AND help others! Where’s the downside, I ask you?

See ya!


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