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A Buddy Got His First Book Pub’d and…

… contract copies of it arrived at his house today. I wanted to blog about it because this guy has worked so hard, for so many years, to get to this place in his life. Yes, I admit to a certain amount of jealousy, because of course I wish it were me standing there, holding copies of my book. That’s only natural, however, I am also filled with so much joy for him. My book is still being shopped by my agent, so hopefully I’ll get there one day, too, but again: he’s already there. His novel is a concrete object, with a certain mass and weight that occupies space. He’s been hard at work building his author platform and he’s doing a fine job at it. You’ll find his blog and his website listed here on this blog. Please visit him. He’s a great writer, and more of his books will be coming out, trust me.

This man is Ryan David Jahn. His book is Acts of Violence.

4 responses

  1. gunsandverbs

    Thanks for the post, Robert. You know I appreciate it.

    10/15/2009 at 10:22 pm

  2. rkl

    You're very, very welcome, Ryan.

    10/15/2009 at 10:47 pm

  3. Jemi Fraser

    Congrats to your buddy, Ryan! Love the cover of the book 🙂 I'll pop over and check out the site!

    10/16/2009 at 2:05 am

  4. Calista Taylor

    Congrats, Ryan! Best of luck and may you have record breaking sales!

    10/16/2009 at 4:53 pm

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